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Life insurances
for your family

Life Insurance Matters

Leave a legacy with life insurance

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Car insurance

Car Insurance Matters

Protect your Assets with car insurance


Medicare Supplement

Medicare Matters

We help you understand medicare

Final Expense

Final Expense

End of life matters

Are you in charge of what happens?

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Home Insurance

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Home insurance

Let us help design a home policy that protects you and your family when the unthinkable happens. we take the time to find out what is important to you and how to protect it.

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Medicare Supplement

Navigating the insurance world can be a daunting task. Let one of our team experts work on your behalf to find the right Gap coverage for your situation.

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Life insurance

Let your Legacy Team work with you to develop a plan that is right for your family. The only type of life insurance policy that matters, is the one that is in place when the unthinkable happens.

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Car insurance

What does Liability coverage mean to you? What does Full coverage mean to you? Let our Legacy Team help you figure out what is important and find the right protection for you.

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Final Expense

What does a funeral cost? How about money available to bring family members home for your funeral? We help design a program that works for you. And we relay that to your family.

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About us

The Making of Legacy Insurance Group of Montana

Our mission is to help build and protect your legacy. Our Legacy Team is dedicated to your needs and advocate on your behalf to get you the best coverages for the best premium.
The leadership of LIG has been involved in the insurance industry in Great Falls since 1990. Through the years, we have adapted our structure with the ever changing landscape to better serve you and remain relevent.
Check out our Team Bios in the "Meet our Legacy Team" to get to know us better.

June, 1990

Ron Olthoff started in the insurance industry as a multi-line agent with Allstate Insurance.

September, 1997

Jayson Olthoff joined his Dad with Allstate Insurance. At that time, Jayson separated from Active Duty and joined the Montana Air National Guard!

December 2000

Ron and Jayson formed The Olthoff Insurance Center Inc. to better serve all clients under one company!

September, 2003

The Olthoff Insurance Center Inc. decided to leave Allstate Insurance and formed a partnership with American National Insurance!

November 2016

Jayson decided to make the change to the independent world and be able to offer many companies to his ever increasing client base!

September, 2017
Legacy Insurance Group of Montana was formed and is operated by The Olthoff Insurance Center Inc., continuing to offer the same great service and expanding our portfolio.

Our Mission


We help people build and protect their legacy.

1294 satisfied customers
5 professional agents
1 Locations
30 years of experience
Take care of your child

Insurance for
your child's future

At Legacy Insurance Group of Montana, we strive to protect your family and protect what you have worked your whole life for.

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Legacy Insurance Group of Montana

1219 13th Street South
Great falls MT 59405

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