Leni Yeager – Farm and Ranch/Commercial

Leni Graduated from Brady High School in 1983. The next seven years were spent in a variety of places such as Florida, Texas, and New Jersey. Leni returned to central Montana in 1990 at which time she met the love of her life and his family and decided to stay. It did not take long to come to appreciate the beauty of Montana and the people at home after she had something to compare it to. Those years were essential to the development of the person she is today. “I guess I learned what I was made of.”  Leni said, and added “This is home, this is where I want to be.”

After raising her family Leni pursued a variety of careers such as railroading like her husband, working in agriculture, and returning to school. The idea of selling insurance loomed in the back of her mind and finally got its hold. Leni brings multiple perspectives with her to the agency as she has been a home owner, raised a family, and has an agricultural industrial and management background. Mostly she says she loves people and wants to help them live a good life not worrying about the things that we can help with. Leni believes in working hard and enjoying the beauty around us that God gave us to enjoy. ef='upload.p